Facilitate positive change by improving thinking

Professional coaching focuses on setting goals,
creating outcomes and managing personal change.


Are you aware of your leadership skills and behaviours? And how they impact on others? More confidence would make you step up and out.    

Self-awareness, confidence and lived experience are the foundations for leadership. But do you take the opportunity to reflect on your own leadership? This can be challenging, particularly for humanitarian leaders who lead responses in the world’s most challenging environments. While humanitarian principles and ethics provide guidance (see ‘Consulting’), day to day decisions require a whole range of skills and behaviours of individual leaders.

Coaching provides a space to take a step back, reflect on your experience and style, develop your confidence. Unlock your potential, create space for reflection, exploration and development. See what is below the waterline, understand the whole iceberg. 

I support you to reflect on your thinking, mirror what you are (not) saying and create a safe space to discover pathways to reach your potential step by step. 

Work - Life Balance

You plan to do things differently but find it hard to set priorities or impossible to stick to them. You are looking to improve your skills and effectiveness in work while having a more fulfilling life. 

Creating new habits is possible. Use me to help you recognise patterns, habits and stumbling blocks and to support you to do things differently and stick to them. We will explore, map, experiment, mirror towards your ideal. I will gently push and pull, guide, hold you accountable to move forward to the goal, while dealing with day-to-day stumbling blocks and barriers.

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I will support your in journey to find new pathways to reach your goals!

Deal with a dilemma

Do you feel stuck? Do you need to make a choice or a decision and your brain goes round and round? Or find yourself avoiding looking at a dilemma altogether? Procrastinating? Maybe it is time to unstick the stuck. 

“You would like to ….   but…  “. Let’s look at the first part of this sentence to define opportunities to loosen up the stuck. By asking questions that generate new thinking, insights and perspectives on the situation allows you to find your own answers and motivate you to take action.

It may be time for action. Explore fresh perspectives and steps to loosen up the stuck.