Tilleke Kiewied


To close the gap between where you are now
and where YOU WANT TO BE

Develop your leadership & confidence
Are you aware of your leadership skills and behaviours? And how they impact on others? More confidence would make you step up and out. I will support you to reflect on your thinking, mirror what you are (not) saying and create a safe space to discover new pathways to reach your potential.
Work Life
You plan to do things differently but find it hard to set priorities or impossible to stick to them. You are looking to improve your skills and effectiveness in work while having a more fulfilling life. Create thinking space to reflect on your current life holistically and move towards your ideal.
Deal with a
Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed?
You need to make a choice or a decision and your brain goes round and round.
Or you find yourself avoiding looking at a dilemma altogether.
Is it time to unstick the stuck?
It starts with defining where you want to be 

Why Coaching?

The start of the journey is to imagine your destination. Create an inspiring vision and shiny goals. Motivation is the motor to move forward. Insights are powerful motivators for change. New patterns, habits and behaviours can be learnt with dedication, hard work and regular celebration. 

Coaching is the art of listening at all levels. Questions are the key to insights. There are no right or wrong answers in your quest. I will support you to reflect, explore. Provoke new thinking. 

There is always potential, seeds are already there. Giving attention to them help seeds to bloom. All the answers you need are already in you. The only one who can change you is you! But others can accompany and support your journey. I would be privileged to do so. 


My services

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Facilitate positive change by improving thinking

My approach:

As your partner in coaching I will bring my sincere interest in you, my commitment, optimism and a bit of humour. Expect a coach who is honest and quite direct (i’m Dutch) but versatile and adaptive (with a range of international experience across cultures), able to tailor to your need and style. 

With a back-pack full of powerful questions, provoking tools, inspiring stories and experience which may help you to gain fresh insights and perspectives. 100% committed to you achieving your goals.  

Sessions will be 100% confidential. ICF Code of Ethics 

Accredited by ICF: 2021          

Certificates: Workplace Coaching (Results Coaching, 2012) and Brain-Based Coaching (2020)

My services

To glose the gap

Coaching can be done via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or telephone. Coaching over the phone works amazingly well because it involves the use of fewer senses and therefore enables more resource to be channelled into listening. Peer-coaching requires all participants to be able to access zoom and have reliable internet.

For clients based in the Netherlands I can access various locations in The Hague or we can meet up for a coffee or a walk. Please note that I charge travelling- time and expenses.

The fee per hour will be in line with your sector and country market rate. 

Start with a conversation to explore whether there is a match (free of charge)

A series of 8 sessions to define goals and work to achieve these goals.

  • 8 sessions - planning can be flexible but ideally every two weeks
  • First session 1 hour 15 minutes, subsequent sessions take 1 hour
  • In-between time for self-reflection and actions – achieving change does require a commitment
  • Additional support options:
    - Catch-up calls or emails in-between sessions
    - Booster sessions to refresh or stretch you after a trajectory has ended.

Your journey starts by defining and shining 2-3 goal(s). During the implementation of your strategies and actions you will likely bump into thoughts, patterns and habits that block the change you strive for. At the same time you will recognize your resourcefulness and creativity which can help you create new habits.

A lesson I learnt is that it is really hard to change hardwired patterns or behaviours, but it is possible to create new habits or patterns that are more effective for you at this point in life. My coaching builds on these insights. This is why the trajectory of 8 sessions over a longer period of time and multiple goals to work on are needed to achieve change.

Stand-alone session to explore a dilemma or issue.

  • The session can be booked on short notice
  • Session takes approximately 1 – 1,5 hours max.


The session starts with clarifying the dilemma, unpacking the issue and the thoughts that create the feeling of unrest, insecurity or tension. We will then explore practical ways forward and concrete actions to take towards dealing with the dilemma, taking into consideration how  people around you can support you.

Facilitated conversation between peers to explore a common professional challenge or problem.

  • The session can be booked on short notice
  • Sessions take approximately 1 – 1,5 hours, depending on the number of participants
  • A series of 5 sessions will empower the team to continue the practice on their own.


You are 2 - 6 participants who trust each other sufficiently to show vulnerability and provide and accept honest feedback. And you want to receive positive but challenging input to help you make choices, decisions and develop your personal leadership skills, using open questions and attentive listening skills. Experiencing several of these sessions will help you facilitate peer sessions with your team or partnership yourselves. I am offering my experience and coaching skills in support of your development.  


You can expect me to listen (deeply), support you to reflect on your thinking, explore new perspectives and to challenge where needed. Results we will be working towards:

  • Clear goals that inspire you. Strategies and concrete actions that motivate you. Energy and courage to shift what is needed. 
  • Think differently. Recognising thoughts that are not useful, loosen up the stuck. 
  • Recognise your resourcefulness and capacity. And put them to use to reach your goals.
  • Develop new habits. Are limiting habits and patterns in the way? Challenge the brain! 
  • Tap into your creativity, using your imagination and let your brain wander around and explore new paths. 
  • Connect to your support structure. Your environment can support you during and beyond the trajectory.


Coaching builds an environment of reflection and action within which an individual works out the best approaches to their challenges and opportunities. It is a supportive, thought-provoking and creative process that helps individuals gain new perspectives on themselves and their situations.
- The definition of the International Coaching Federation



Organisation my clients worked for : Oxfam, NRC, UNHCR, Lifting Hands, WFP, IOM

Nationalities of my clients : Yemeni , Zimbabwean, Sudanese, Afghan, Ethiopian, Syrian, Lebanese, Czechoslovakian, Nigerian, American, Finnish,
Italian, Spanish, British, French, Dutch, Belgian, Burundian 

"I have greatly benefited from your coaching. Most of my dreams that I have been sharing with you as part of the coaching came true and your support and encouragement are highly appreciated".

Michael Shiferaw Ethiopia, Head of Global Support Unit at Johanniter International

"Tilleke asked the right questions and created space for me to reflect freely on choices I am making consciously as well as unconsciously. Without losing sight of the gaols and topics we had agreed to cover. She guided me to translate my goals into concrete actions– both professionally as well as personally – and to create practical tools which help me practice new habits. This helped me find more peace of mind. Tilleke is genuinely interested, I felt at ease instantly."

Elsa van Zoest, Netherlands

“Tilleke was honest and challenged me in a good way She helped me to recognize some characteristics, skills I already have but I was ignoring. And I realized that I am rather avoiding things and not even realize that.. Tilleke was always patient and created a safe space."

Maria Csiszer UNHCR, Czechoslovakia

“I liked Tilleke’s way of letting me find my own answers through questions that she asked instead of imposing her ideas on me. I felt respected and heard during the whole process. The materials that she provided were very helpful.”

Hannah Pieper, Lifting Hands International, Greece

“Coach Tilleke is an awesome coach. A great listener and an intelligent mentor. From the first day of the coaching session she took time to listen to my goals, my challenges and my ambitions. She provided informed guidance and resources to ensure that I reach my goals. She loosened up where I was stuck and I have made significant progress in my work and family life. ”

Elisabeth Adejoh WFP, Nigeria